Having Fun with Activities During Aftercare

A patient’s addiction treatment process is incomplete if he does not participate in aftercare activities. These activities are designed to aid him in maintaining his recovery and also minimize relapse risks.

Following are 6 options for activities during aftercare that can effectively improve the patient’s life quality.

  1. Art & Music Therapy
    Therapies related to art and music use self-expression, emotion and creativity in facilitating addiction recovery and improving the patient’s mental condition. They enhance self-esteem and eradicate a patient’s anxiety. Activities in art therapy involve collage creation, coloring, drawing, painting and taking photographs.
  2. Physical Fitness Therapy
    Addiction treatment also involves physical activities as a part of aftercare. Physical fitness therapy not only improves a patient’s health but also helps in releasing endorphins, which are chemicals that generate positive vibes throughout the individual’s body. These activities may include weight-lifting, horseback riding, kayaking, tennis, yoga, etc.
  3. Massage Therapy
    Massage therapy offers many benefits during aftercare. Patients experience uncomfortable symptoms like muscle pain, mood swings, anxiety and depression even after the end of the rehabilitation program. Massage therapy aids in resolving all these issues.
  4. Meditation and Breathing Exercises
    Individuals can use meditation and breathing exercises during and after addiction recovery to manage extreme stress without moving towards alcohol or drugs. Control on breathing patterns changes a person’s emotions and moods whereas exercise helps in relaxing his mind and body.
  5. Group Therapy
    This therapy offers a platform to addicts where they share their feelings and experiences with other patients. Even after the treatment is completed, with group therapy, individuals continue to remain restrained and develop strong social connections.
  6. Volunteering
    During the recovery phase, mostly drug addicts develop a feeling to return what has aided them to struggle with this disease and help others by volunteering. This activity builds up their confidence, develops a sense of satisfaction, and makes them discover their talent and skills.
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Copyright © 2020 by Woodlake Management, LLC.
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