One of the most crucial elements of a drug rehab program is detoxification. In fact detox goes hand in hand with treatment for drug addiction. Rehabilitation from this drug cannot get underway in any true fashion until detox has occurred.

Why is this the case?

Detoxification is a process that is undertaken to eliminate harmful toxins from the body that are there because of the drug use. All of these toxins must be removed from the body before further healing and recovery can take place. Detox must come before drug rehab because if it does not then the potential for relapse to occur is very high and the work done in rehab will be for nothing.

Detox before drug rehab is important because you do not want anything to derail the hard work you are doing to cope with your drug addiction. You want to get back on track with your health and to do that properly you need the supervision of a professional who works in this field of the medical profession.

The reason that drug detoxification is best performed under the close monitoring of medical professionals is due to withdrawal symptoms. At a drug rehab center getting through the withdrawal symptoms can be one of the toughest parts of the whole process.  Withdrawal sets in as soon as a drug user stops using the drug. The person’s body has become so accustomed to the effects of what the drug does to it that it reacts in a negative manner when the drug is no longer present in the person’s system. This is when withdrawal shows itself.

At many drug rehab centers dealing with withdrawal symptoms is the starting point and it can be a difficult transition for many people. There is any number of symptoms that can accompany withdrawal from drug addiction. Insomnia can happen when a person is going through withdrawal. You may find that a few sleepless nights happen after your last dose of cocaine. Knowing that this can happen ahead of time to you can be a load off of your mind.

But that is only the start for some people. Many drug addicts experience anxiety and irritability. They may also feel very tired. drug can give you a false sense of energy and then without it you can feel terribly fatigued. They may also feel an incredible craving for the drug. It is for this reason that relapse often takes place when withdrawal is occurring.

At a rehab center you may also find that depression is a withdrawal symptom that you will go through. You may feel a sense of helplessness and hopelessness and even shame because you must come to terms with the fact that the drug is now gone from your life for good. But that is progress in and of itself.

Learn the Detox Meaning and Start Recovering
You desperately want to quit using, but it seems like you can’t. Loved ones have expressed concern, and you feel bad about the pain you’re causing. You feel like you’re caught in a trap. Recovery isn’t easy, but you can do it. Start with admitting that you need help. If you’re not sure what the detox meaning is and how you’ll go about recovery, the right information can put your mind at ease.

What Is Detox?

People who embrace detox , or detoxification, quickly learn that it is simply the process where addictive toxins leave your body. It doesn’t happen overnight. The entire process can take up to one or two weeks. You might feel effects for many weeks afterward. It’s not a pleasant process because you’ll have withdrawal symptoms that range from mildly uncomfortable to very painful. However, the worst symptoms will occur the first one to three days. After that, they’ll gradually diminish.

Once your body is clear of all drugs and alcohol, then you begin the next phase of rehab and recovery.

More Than One Type of Detox

There are various means of detox. The end result is the same, but you may get there in different ways.

Medical detox: A medical detox may or may not involve medication. Some facilities just use the term “medical” to refer to your stay in a clinical setting. For centers that do administer medication, this is usually done to ease withdrawal symptoms.

  • Inpatient detox: You’ll stay in a facility, where you’ll have constant supervision. This is the safest way to go through detox. You may or may not have medical options. Your facility will choose the best course of treatment, depending on the severity of your addiction.
  • Outpatient detox: While some facilities do offer outpatient detox as an option, the risk of relapse is higher since clients don’t live in the facility. Therefore, it’s wise to avoid rehab centers that offer this as a primary option.
  • At-Home Detox Method:  This is usually not recommended. Individuals could have severe withdrawal symptoms, including suicidal thoughts or hallucinations. They may harm themselves or others as a result. Plus, the risk of relapse is higher. People often turn back to using because withdrawal is so uncomfortable. Checking into a detox facility is the best, safest way to go through the process.

Start Your Recovery With Us

Once you’re ready to leave drug or alcohol dependency behind, substance abuse programs at Woodlake Addiction Treatment Center can help. Our  program includes an on-site medical drug detox program.

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Copyright © 2020 by Woodlake Management, LLC.
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