The habit or drinking underage can negatively impact the physical and emotional well being of your child. The consequences of drinking for teens include higher chances of:

• developing an addiction to alcohol
• the trouble with law enforcement
• failure at school
• hormonal changes
• improper brain development
• abuse of other drugs
• impaired judgment
• violent or aggressive behavior
• memory problems
• unintentional injuries
• higher chances of homicide and/or suicide
• sexual and physical assault
• social problems,i.e fighting.

Thus, the question arises in the minds of many parents is ‘What Do I Do When My Teen Has a Drinking Problem?’ Here are some important and useful tips that you should follow to protect your children from a drinking problem.

Have an agreement

Your teen will likely drink even after understanding its consequences. Therefore, rather than just talking about the risks, have an agreement with your teen to keep him safe. Ask him to sign a contract saying if he ever took a ride with any of his drunk friend or drove a car while drinking, he will lose his car keys. When your child knows the results of breaking the rules, he will avoid it at any cost.

Communication is the key

Even when your daughter or son is away from you, always keep the communication lines open. Always keep a check with whom your kids are hanging out, a company has a great impact on the habits of teenagers. Talk to your children about the good and bad company.

Share your story

You can also share your experiences with drinking, such as how you controlled yourself when your peer pressurized you to drink and how it helped you in the future. In this way, your teen will able to relate with you.


Support your teen with patience and always stay calm at every point of the conversation. This is because accusations and anger will only cloud the message.

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Copyright © 2020 by Woodlake Management, LLC.
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