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While at the treatment center,our patients are at the perfect spot in their lives that in a unique way inspires the confidence in themselves, in their strength, and in the effective healing.

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Individuals who have experienced serious problems due to mind-altering drugs and destructive behaviors come to Woodlake to learn how to make positive changes in the way we think and make decisions.

You are in charge of your treatment; there is nothing anyone can do for you or to you that will magically make you life better. Only you can do that.

While here, you can practice thinking differently, acting differently, and feeling differently from what you are used to.

Yes. Many of our staff members have had previous experience with alcohol and drug abuse. Who better else to understand your dilemma?

When we need someone to talk to about our problem, someone to confide in, we are seeking a message that has both weight and depth. As addicts we can usually tell if someone can relate to us or not and at this difficult time in our lives we need to be surrounded by people just like us who have been there.  We are here to help.

We have a workout room, fishing, and a nature trail.

Although your schedule may not allow you time for too many extracurricular activities there is the occasional downtime and as long as your counselor approves you are welcome to use the facilities.

Yes. Part of our treatment program includes introducing you to Alcoholics Anonymous.

People who work these 12-step Programs very often live satisfying lives. That’s a goal for you. When you leave treatment, you will have friends that you have met in AA to help you stay focused on what you want in your life.

Seven days after your admission to Woodlake you will be allowed to have visitors if your counselor approves.

Visitor passes are located in the big room on the wall.

First, make a decision that today you will not drink alcohol or use drugs. Once you make that decision then you are free to follow our daily activities. This schedule will take you step-by-step and day-by-day to a healthier way of living. You agree to follow the schedule and rules at Woodlake in exchange for treatment.

We have other clients living here that are sharing rooms and facilities with a common desire to reduce problems in their lives. Our staff, using their years of experience, developed procedures (rules) to reduce problems between residents. The house rules and schedule will be explained to you during your

No. Woodlake is ‘non-denominational’

Yes, depending on the day of the week you are admitted, you will be assigned a counselor. Your counselor will visit with you and develop a basic plan for your treatment.

Seventy-two hours after your arrival to Woodlake you will be allowed a phone pass but only if your counselor approves it.

Phone passes are located in the big room on the wall.

Your family may bring you approved supplies. You may also order supplies through Woodlake’s Patient Shopping.

Upon arrival, we ask that you place funds in a Patient Shopping Account.

Orders must be turned in by Wednesday and funds will be deducted from your Patient Shopping account accordingly.

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AA 12 steps Beginners Meeting, 1,2 & 3
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Copyright © 2019 by Woodlake Management, LLC.
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