My Teen Has a Drinking Problem…Now What?

For teenagers, the drinking habit usually starts with an experiment during occasions. It may be a moment with glass after the high school dance, a bottle to celebrate the win of the school’s sports team and a toast upon turning 16.

Before they realize, infrequent drinking becomes habitual and lead to severe consequences including motor accidents, sexual assault, health issues, and even brain damage. Unfortunately, parents give freedom to their children to enjoy teenage years at the fullest, that’s why they are unable to comprehend the drinking problem when it gets out of hand.

However, parents of teens, under the age of 18 are liable to guardianship powers and have many options to help their child.  If your teen is also susceptible to a drinking problem, here are some tips you can try to help:

  • Talk to your child about the damage he or she is causing to their body. Teenagers are more concerned about their physical looks than adults. You can discuss the disabilities caused by excessive drinking, as it helps to recover from drug abuse.
  • Children are often reluctant to talk to their parents regarding the problems they are facing. If your child is not willing to talk to you about the problems he or she is facing, enlist a friend, an elder sibling, or any other adult to talk to them.
  • Request for an intervention by the support staff at your child’s school.
  • Remove all traces of alcohol from home.
  • Practice good drinking behavior in front of your teen.

Above all, take your child to a rehabilitation center and discuss the treatment options applicable according to the intensity of his or her drinking problem. There are many programs dedicated to treating addicted teens and finding the right one will take your child one step closer to sobriety.

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Copyright © 2020 by Woodlake Management, LLC.
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