The Different Types of Rehab

There are many forms of addictions, thus recovery is also different for every addiction. There are supervised, intensive programs conducted by Rehabs (a center for drug addicts) to recover from addiction and live a healthy life.

Rehab helps people to safely step down from addiction and live a normal life after detox. The form and length of treatment depend on the condition of the patients and their dependence on the drugs. Treatments are different for every person, therefore, it is important to figure out which rehab is helpful for you and which program is right according to your need.

Typically, all the rehab centers focus on 3 major steps for recovery. The first step is to detox, which includes the removal of drugs from the patient’s body. The second step is therapy. There are different types of therapy conducted to help people to make changes in their behavior to avoid any further use of drugs. Finally, there is a resocialization.

In this step, patients are taught new ways to live in society. Here is what’s involved in different types of rehab.

  • Physical Therapy: This therapy involves exercises and activities to improve the body’s balance, strength, sensations, and movements.
  • Occupational Therapy: In this therapy, the patient is trained to carry out their regular life activities and tasks in the workplace, home or community.
  • Language and Speech Therapy: The objective of this therapy is to improve the movement of the tongue and mouth, to treat impaired swallowing and problems with language, voice and talking.
  • Recreational Therapy: This therapy aims to improve emotional and social well-being through relaxation programs, games and arts and crafts.
  • Cognitive Therapy: This therapy includes improving cognitive skills, such as decision making, planning, memory, learning and thinking that have been affected or loss due to overuse of drugs.
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Copyright © 2020 by Woodlake Management, LLC.
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